Virtual Writing Group

Through DBLAC's Virtual Writing Group (VWG), participants can set goals and work toward them in a supportive environment. Our VWG is OPEN TO ALL! Whether you're a grad student, faculty member, creative writer, non-academic, undergraduate, or just trying to get some writing done, our VWG offers an encouraging space to work on any writing project.


Reading Series 

Our DBLAC Reading Series provides digital engagement with the text that speaks to and across conversations that might complement and/or supplement the work of the Black graduate students within our network in efforts toward heightened visibility and more flexible access to Black scholarship, we hope to provide vibe avenues for engagement through the reading series via question-based Twitter chats, and a brief closed digital interaction with DBLAC members; and whether conversation around the text (which would open to the broader public via our website).

No upcoming events at the moment